Privacy Policy


Thank you for choosing Note on Baby. Note on Baby respects the privacy of users.

This policy explains what and how we collect, store and use from users when you access the application. If you choose to use the application, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy.

What information do we collect?

Note on Baby doesn't collect any of user's name, email, phone number or other personal informations. Note on Baby doesn't collect any information of babis either.

Note on Baby doesn't track or analyze that how user uses the application for now.

How to store and sync user's data?

Every user has a local database to store all the personal data.

Note on Baby uses Apple's CloudKit portion of iCloud to store and sync data across devices. The data is stored in your private iCloud database. And each record has a unique identifier.

Does Note on Baby use any other third-party service?


Created at: 2019-04-19 Updated at: 2019-04-19